Introduction to Shailesh Agrawal


Shailesh Agarwal, the innovator of the farmers' reservation concept. He is a project-affected farmer of the three projects i.e. Upper Wardha, Lower Wardha and Rehabilitation of Project affected people. He had founded “Gautirtha” in order to enable the farmers to be financially capable and also to explain the benefits of livestock and its benefits in organic farming through this pilot project. Farmers from whole of the Maharashtra visiting his project. He has been awarded with the Best Animal Husbandry Award by the Government. He also suggested long term developmental remedies for the farmers through a single mission farmer reservation and insisted to act as per this proposal. Several Gram Panchayats, Panchayat Samities and Agricultural Produce Market Committees in Maharashtra have approved the resolution on reservation as per his proposal and sent it to the Government for the demand of this proposal in order to strengthen the demand.

Shailesh Agarwal was engaged in medical business from 2005 to 2016 through the operation of SSB Hospital and from 1999 till today he is doing his traditional agriculture business. With the aim of attracting the present and the future generation towards agriculture and making the farmers' revolution, Shailesh Agarwal has been doing full-time farming for the past few years and guides farmers through various means.

Reservation is a long term developmental scheme for farmers, according to which He started a single mission farmer reservation movement from Gandhi Aashram, Sewagram in April 2017.

Wife - Dr. Manjusha Shailesh Agrawal completed her MBBS and M.D obstetrics and gynecology. Currently she is working as a professor in medical college. She is active participant In the social and religious activities with her husband Shailesh.